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Hmmm Mike, >>And I of course remember the old adage, "cleanliness is next to godliness...." :) >> Well there is one little problem here whose standard of cleanliness and godliness are we to measure by? Jesus certainly knocked the Pharisees out of the water with his rebuke of their cleanliness rituals. It might be an old adage but is that adage true?
Numbers 2:3-51

Is there order here? Yes there is order, God’s order and everything regarding the Temple, the camp and the placement of the tents of the tribes and their “fighting” men and the people following also speaks to me about the plan and purpose of God. Everyone is given a plan and has a purpose designed by God. But the choice is ours whether to work the plan God has given us or to work the plan we want to pick up. I believe we enter chaos when we pick up our plans instead of God’s.

The redemption of the firstborn sons foreshadows Christ, as the Firstborn of God, redemptive work upon the earth. Except Christ work is so very deep and broad that there only need be one of Him for all of us.

Mark 11:27-12:17

This entire section is about authority and submission to an authority. The question is whose authority is being submitted too? The religious leaders question Jesus, demand from Jesus who has given him authority to disturb their “business” franchise in the Temple. Jesus’ response to them challenges their authority to question Him about His authority.

The leaders response to Jesus show that they are week leaders, afraid of the people and week leaders may have positional authority but they lack spiritual authority.

The farmers didn’t want to submit to the owner’s authority over his fields that they worked in the owner’s physical absence. His authority comes by right of ownership not by what they think is fair or unfair.

The trick question the Pharisees tried to put to Jesus about taxes, again is really about authority. If they truly believed that Jesus “…sincerely teaches the ways of God,” why would they even ask Him a question about paying taxes? They through, wrongly, that submitting to God was mutually exclusive. If you submit to God you cannot submit to earthly authority. Jesus shocked them by letting them know that the things of God and the things of man are not one and the same.

Psalm 47:1--9

The only thing I can speak of is to add to Mike’s comments with an encouragement, “Rap on, Rap on!! Just make sure you give it a beat that you can dance to.

Proverbs 10:24-25

Fears and hope, both will bring to pass what is in the heart. The question becomes what is the state of my heart, what kind of soil have I prepared and will it bring to fruition deadly fears or life-giving hope? Wickedness or godliness, there is probably just a thin line that divides one from the other and it all has to do with the state of the heart and our dealing honestly and truthfully with what is there.

Grace and peace,

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