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Isaiah 6:1-7:25

In chapter sixth, God sends Isaiah out to give a message to His people after the death of Uzziah the king. It is hear that we get a glimpse of how Isaiah was called and his acceptance to The Ministry he was called too,

Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts. Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged. Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. (Isaiah 6:5-8 KJV)

Here we see that not only did Isaiah receive a call from God, he had to accept what God had for Him. “For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14 KJV)

God is calling; are we ready to accept? Will we say, “Here I am; send me”?

O.K. this is the first time in reading through this book that I realized Ahaz was a corrupt king. Reading his name today in Isaiah just triggered my memory of what was written about him in II Kings 16 and II Chronicles 28. For an ungodly man to use the excuse "I don't want to ask; I don't want to put the Lord to a test." (Isaiah 7:12 NET.), as if he followed after the True God puts God’s prophetic response in a new perspective in my understanding. This also says to me that many times I will read something and not understand and think God is being unfair. God is never unfair or unmerciful and if I think He is then I am lacking not only information but also understanding.

May I not be like Ahaz who was given a Word of comfort and assurance then turned and trampled on that Word and threw it out.

II Corinthians 11:16-33

2 Corinthians 11:16-20 MSG Let me come back to where I started--and don't hold it against me if I continue to sound a little foolish. Or if you'd rather, just accept that I am a fool and let me rant on a little. (17) I didn't learn this kind of talk from Christ. (18) Oh, no, it's a bad habit I picked up from the three-ring preachers that are so popular these days. (19) Since you sit there in the judgment seat observing all these shenanigans, you can afford to humor an occasional fool who happens along. (20) You have such admirable tolerance for impostors who rob your freedom, rip you off, steal you blind, put you down--even slap your face!

Let me see, this church had been taught the Truth of the Gospel by Paul and his companions and now they had begun to accept every kind of pseudo-teaching and false gospel from every kind of “three-ring preacher” who then turned around and abused them. This was done by choice.

Geeze today people run from meeting to meeting, convention to convention trying to “Get a Word from God,” allowing themselves to be spiritually abused. What happened then happens today. Thank you Mike that you took your desire and love for God’s Word to a level where you encourage people to read what the Word of God says. We may still allow ourselves to be charmed by the “three-ring preachers” but we cannot say we didn’t have the True Word to compare what those preachers say is “Thus sayeth the Lord”.

2 Timothy 2:15 KJV Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Psalm 54:1-7

It has just occurred to me that these past two three days we have found ourselves reading Psalms written after David was either pursued by treacherous man out to have him killed or just musing about the wickedness of men who say that God doesn’t exist. Whatever the case God protected David even when it appeared that David was a goner. What something appears to be and what it actually is, is something we need to ponder and understand.

When we have our back against the wall and it “appears” that we will never get out, remember appearance and truth are not mutually synonymous even in the lions’ den.

Proverbs 23:1-3

If you ever need to see the truth of this Proverb just watch foks at the company picnic, Christmas Party or get together where Alcohol is flowing freely: Boy, o boy, o boy!

Grace and peace,

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