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From Colossians 1:27-2:6-7 we see how true the phrase is "that it is ALL ABOUT JESUS." The ministry is all about "Christ in you, the hope of glory." And it's this Jesus that we offer the world--Him we proclaim, warning every person, teaching every person, that we may present them perfect (mature) in Christ. And it is for this very purpose that Paul poured himself out---to see people be fully formed in Jesus. What a wonderfully focused 'mission statement' Paul left for us all to imitate.
We spend so much time in our communities running programs but Paul makes it clear here that the priority 'programs/ministries' are the ones that keep Jesus central, and the ones that seek to take those far from Christ, bring them in close with intentionality and grow them up in Christ with passionate intentionality. This is a cause worth giving one's life to--investing in people who invest in people who invest in people, and so it goes.

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