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Ezekiel 23:1-49

The following is one of the passages that truly caught my eye and imagination:

For when she left Egypt, she did not leave her spirit of prostitution behind. She was still as lewd as in her youth, when the Egyptians satisfied their lusts with her and robbed her of her virginity. (Verse 8-NLT)

The phrase, “For when she left Egypt,” implies to me that this “prostitution” this idolatry was a “seed” implanted in Jacob/Israel long before she got to Egypt. Sin is so very insidious and we can think we have uprooted it when we have only mowed the lawn and cut it back. Could this have entered into the household when Rachel stole her father Laban’s household gods? (Genesis 31:19)

We just don’t roll out of bed one morning and commit a sin. We don’t just begin sacrificing our children on our altars of self-interest, expending our children to satisfy the things we brought into existence because of our own lusts. The seeds of our idolatry, the seeds of every kind of deviant behavior we can think of, the seeds of our “little” sins lie hidden in our hearts.

We can pull out our little lawn mowers, place chemicals around the “plant” and try to burn it out; however, if even one little speck of the root remains, it will grow back—in time. When it appears above the surface we are shocked and amazed and justify it away, but it has always been there.

The images from the Books of the Law dealing with the removal of “leprosy” or leaven from the home before Passover, clarify to me how diligent one must be to rid our “temple” and homes from sin. Once it is found it must be swept out and examined, then reexamined over time to check for recurring outbreaks. (Leviticus 13-14)

We must remember that a seed and its eventual root system is underground and we never know it’s there unless we have planted it. What is under the surface looks nothing like the mature plant. To find the true root of our sin we need prayer, revelation and trust that God is working things out in our lives.

Grace and peace,

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