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Ezekiel 18-19:14

The list of things that a “righteous” man does runs the gamete from a life of purity to giving sacrificial to those in “need.” I find it interesting that there is no one thing that makes a person righteous. The pie of righteousness must be complete and whole, in entirety. So too the “unrighteous” person is not made unrighteous by engaging in just one of the many mentioned things.

I believe with all my heart that it is only by faith and through faith that anyone of us can live out Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11 [Clearly no one is justified before God by the law, because, "The righteous will live by faith."] because the attributes being described in Ezekiel 18:5-9 are things that can only be done naturally by way of faith and they are Fruit of the Spirit. Yes, we can make them a spiritual discipline but then we would be doing them by works, which comes by way of our flesh and not by way of the spirit.

I love the fact that God is not holding the sins of my ancestors against me nor is He holding my sins against my children. Each of us are capable of making our own choices of what we are to follow. In declaring that each person will pay for his or her own sin, God is saying that we have a choice. No longer can we use the excuse of family or peers pressure to explain why we have done a thing that God says is wrong. Tradition and ethnic or cultural norms will not be an acceptable means to escape culpability. We are accountable for our own actions and we cannot blame anyone but ourselves.

We are where in life because of our choices. If we don’t like the life we are living and its consequences we need to make different choices.

Grace and peace,

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