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Exodus 39-40:38

Our comments have been about either directly or indirectly about obedience. Obedience in following the Great Commission, obedience in using the gifts, talents and abilities, as well as our time to doing what God has called us to do, that is what we seem to be focusing on or drawn to as we read through the scriptures these past couple of days. Whether it is in building the Tabernacle, in the past, or submitting our time, talent and treasurer to God, the last word is Obedience.

Probably because that has been the single most constant thread I believe that runs through the majority of our posts for the past several days, the following verse caught my eye and imagination,

So all the work of the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, was completed, and the Israelites did according to all that the LORD had commanded Moses they did it exactly so. (Exodus 39:32 NET.)

Because my imagination was fired up regarding obedience, I went on a little word hunt.
In the Hebrew, the majority of time we read the English word “obey” in the Old Testament (KJV), it is this word, as per Strongs:

A primitive root; to hear intelligently (often with implication of attention, obedience, etc.; causatively to tell, etc.)

Mike what have I learned in reading Exodus this time around. I’ve learned the power of obedience. It is not what I think or even what I want, it is what God says. And it is just not about going and doing. It is about giving careful thought and interacting with what God has said; and the only way I can do that is to not just to listen but to hear intelligently. Listening and hearing are two separate things.

Grace and peace,

Exodus: God is still in control. He can use those foolish things to confound the wise.

Matthew: when times get tough, stay awake and pray..know when to pray and when to sleep.

I never know Mark"s Hebrew name is John, Greek name Marcus..neat

I am always amazed at the details God provided for the tabernacle. Everything was included. I believe one of God’s intentions was to make sure the people followed His commandments to the last minute detail. I am teaching Ezra and Nehemiah each week. When comparing those two books and this in Exodus God once again seems to be saying “ follow my commands “ to the n’th detail. Many times God calls us to do something for Him and in the busyness of living I wonder how many times ( maybe not consciously) we skimp on our activity for God to move on to something else. He always requires our all. This scripture was eye opening for me today.

Hello! Thank you so much for doing this blog. I am really learning a lot. In Exodus I am blown away by Moses confidence and his obedience. Moses did what the Lord commanded is said several times. I would hope I could be that obedient and do what Jesus command me to do.
In Matthew I love that Jesus is teaching and showing examples constantly. The disciples are like us needing to be shown and taught every day as we are. But now we have the entire Bible to read and study.
God is so good and faithful to us. This psalm reminds me of the Amy Grant song “Angels watching over me” I think we honestly would be surprised how many times we are protected by Him.
I love we are going in Mark. We are doing a Bible study with our minister on the book of Mark and in my BSF ( Bible Study Fellowship) we studying John. It’s so much fun to see the differences and the similarities in them.
Again thank you and may God Bless you!
Monica Nordyke

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