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Some wondering thoughts:

2398 Strongs’ Numbering System
BDB (Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions):
1) to sin, miss, miss the way, go wrong, incur guilt, forfeit, purify from uncleanness

Unintentional sin not planned sin, very interesting. These sacrifices and rituals were designed for the “stuff” that happens along the way. Since we are creatures that hate to admit we “missed the mark,” so to speak, a person would have to operate in “Truth” to realize that they have missed it BEFORE the consequences show up in ones’ life or the life of the community. All sin gives fruit to its own rewards. To have a life rooted in Truth one must deal truthfully with oneself and not be restrained by what family, community, country and “Church” thinks. Many jobs require inventories, even if it is only of supplies, material and human resource; but how often do we take an inventory of ourselves based on the standard and rule of God’s Laws? It is not about what others say, or even ourselves, it is about what God says. Anything else is sin.

I also understand that one can know the Truth, but that doesn’t mean one applies Truth rightly. Like soap, Truth, the Word, does you no good unless applied according to directions.

Grace and peace,

Do we need more THAN....
Not a criticism. Spell check sometimes "helps". Thank you for your encouragement to read God's word daily.

All of the various offerings for sin, unintentional sin, grain offering and more..it's interesting the various animals and offerings pertaining to various things in people's life. I would he a nervous wreck trying to avoid the risk of sacrifice during varying things in our life. Do you wonder if some got complacent or emotionless with it..just whatever it happens. I hope not! Anyway just a thought .
I love that Psalm verse and it resonating with TDs song. How beautiful!

Just one thought to share……when I read the phrase “Fear God”, I am reminded that I was infused when young by this and wondered why we are to fear God when He loves us so much , until I heard someone explain that fear in the Bible nears …..stand in complete awe at His greatness….. not to be scared as we use fear in todays language

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