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Was at church and teaching most of yesterday:
But wanted to mention OT - (right side is side of strength in Judaism) anointing on right ear, right thumb, and right big toe of priests indicates: priests are to hear the word of God, work the word of God, and walk in the Word of God in strength. We as believers (priests) - do we do that consistently?

OT - deaths of Nadab and Abihu seem harsh. Note three things about God. He was very strict at the beginning of instruction on worship AND at the beginning of church in Acts. To those given much, much is expected (like obedience), and if God commands, then violating command is sin AND God takes sin very seriously (if a non- believer you should heed that warning and cut a deal with the judge while you can).

NT: so many references to Jesus as Deity so far in readings. Today more demons (before being sent into pigs) attest to the deity of Christ. In addition, during the storm disciples asked - ‘who is this man - even the winds and waves obey Him’? Huh???? Did they go to synagogue as youth - that man would be God - Psalm 107:29.

The farming analogy still is true today. We do reap what we sow. We really let the wisdom go by the waste side when the seeds are planted on rocky ground and the cares of the world snatch away like the wind. It is up to us to plant in fertile soil and listen to that still small voice and keep it deposited in that fertile soil and keep it tended. Amen!

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