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OT - Root of Holy in Hebrew is “other”. So...
Be “other” because I, the Lord your God is (ultimate) other.

Be different from the Canaanites in what you eat, what you do, in your relationships, so that they will know you are “other” and you can tell the world “why”.

Look at all God’s commands and realize they are meant for the Israelites to flourish. In Mind, body, and soul. These were explicitly for Israelites, and unless repeated in NT (ex. Moral laws) not meant for current day Christians.

Punishments are severe because they are newly forming as a nation of people - and Need to realize - God views sin very seriously.

NT - Was just thinking of leaven and Pharisees’ bread. When Jesus asked if the disciples got it - was the lesson Jesus is the bread of life, bread is bountiful, and created by Him. On the other hand - Pharisees have existing bread that is infused with yeast (sin) - it gets puffed up but is not created by them just gets enlarged by spreading sin. Or something like that????

Why did it take two applications (tries) to heal the blind man? Did Jesus mess up (make a mistake). IMO think this is a picture of seeing (faith) is usually a process and not done in an instant. Or something like that?

Feel more positive about picking up your cross comment. People in that day in that location would get that “picking up your cross” means Jesus’ ministry was deadly serious. As those executed were made by Romans to carry their cross to place of execution. Israelites had seen it first hand in that the Romans had placed crucified men on crosses up and down the roads surrounding Jerusalem.

There are many times where correction is good. I actually thrive on constructive criticism. I need that at times to perform better. Years ago I had an administrator/headmaster at my school that took me under his wing and mentored me. That made me such a better teacher. I have resisted correction on some instances and even went out on my own and received training that I'm not sure was right for me. We live and we learn. One thing I know and I was reminded and rebuked some from your honesty Mike is the me in my ministry and work..we try to make a name for ourselves and put so much emphasis in people approval when it should be Christ approval and His identity we should be striving for. That is what I am going to strive more for. More of Him, less of me.

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