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2 Samuel 18:1-19:10

I am an observer of human behavior and I am always looking at patterns that cross cultural, ethnicities and “tribes.” One hundred percent, of the time, we grieve differently but the emotions, feelings and intent that fuels the grief is the same. Usually or grief is not about the physical death of the person, but of missed opportunities. When someone dies because of their own bad choices usually the deceased loved ones: mother, father, possibly siblings, aunts, and uncles, usually grieve inconsolably over missed opportunities to provide direction and correction and guidance. David grief was rooted in regret and guilt. Think about it. Our decisions, my decisions

I’m going to look at Joab and David from a different perspective than Mike.. As per scripture, our righteousness is not based on our behavior it is based on the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And our acceptance of that righteousness, Jesus Christ, is based on the condition of our heart, whether we accept what Jesus has done for us or not. For the Old Testament saints and ain’ts, it would be their acceptance of the One Who is To Come in the fullness of time. According to God, David had a “right” heart; however, Joab did not which we shall see in the readings to come. As per the commentary on the BibleOnRadio.Com for today’s reading, David was operating out of Love with no Justice toward Absalom, and Joab operated out of Justice with no Love. In my opinion, both were out of Balance.

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy and loving-kindness and truth go before Your face. (Psalms 89:14 AMP

Grace and Peace,

David's feelings and emotions comes to the head and his sorrow for his sons fatality:Absolom. His sorrow got the best of him in the way so that he forgot who was protecting his kingdom and who was the enemy. Thankfully David's trusty advisor Joab set David straight. It's good to have a good advisor.

John 20: the miraculous appearance of Jesus to multiple viewers. I always related to Mary Magdalane. Mary..she was an 8 ball..never knew what to expect from the alabaster jar broken, and anointing Jesus. The woman who went first to the tomb. The woman who spoke one on one to the resurrected Jesus and the Mary who was called out by name of Jesus to get her attention. I love it. I love that Jesus loves the imperfect the humble and a bit crazy but passionate ones. Like minded company here.

Last of our Psalm 119. Awesome verses. I've enjoyed these verses and the awesomeness is we get to do this twice a year. Beautiful.

Pr0verbs 16:15 again pertaining to the King and when he smiles. That's all Joab wanted was to find acceptance, a smile, a congrats, a hug anything. Aww..that's it!

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