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1 Samuel 8-9:27

God is going to give Israel what she wants, what has been prophesized she would asked for in the Book of Deuteronomy, God would allow Israel to operate in His Permissive will and not His Perfect will. God is abut to give her the desire of their heart in more ways then one.

A couple of years ago in reading through this book, I looked up in Strong’s Concordance Saul’s name and was surprised. I realized that God loves words and he loves to play on words. The name Saul first appears in this book. In Hebrew it means, “desired.” If you go back and reread this portion of scripture replacing “Saul” with “Desired” you will definitely see Saul and his story from a new perspective.

Remember the saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?” Bingo!

My comments about yesterday’s Gospel reading, the crowd wanting to make Jesus king, and Proverbs, “the wicked being crushed by their sin,” can also be dittoed in this passage in the book of Samuel. The “Desire” for a King would cause them to be saddled with a burden that would crush them, but they didn’t care. Kind of like maxing out one’s MasterCard, charge one item and the card becomes your master; however, the interest sin charges is greater than the highest rate the credit card companies will ever charge.

The desire for a king and Samuel’s clearly defined payment plan if they “desire” one other than God shows how we just love Pomp and Circumstance, a king with all the regalia that goes with the job, over substance. We love emotion and sentiment as the king leads his troops and sits on his throne, but we hate the truth that the other King, God brings. We think we have to give to get from God, but we error because we like Saul don’t even know God through his Word, the scriptures nor do we know His power (Mark 12:24).

How do we get out of the merry-go-round of idolatry that causes us to chose men, things, philosophies over the freedom that the King of Kings provides?

John 6:22-42

Just keep my belly filled, Jesus, and I’ll follow you and worship you. It’s all about the stomach. Maybe this is why obesity has become an epidemic in the good ole USA. Jesus offers the crowd something better than they could imagine but they can’t get past their stomachs, and what they thing they know about him. Familiarity leads to contempt. The problem is they are not as familiar with the Master as they think because they are operating on assumption the lowest form of communication.

We too think we know the Master; however, Mike has provided an opportunity for everyone with a mouse to draw closer to Him. Thank you Mike!

Psalm 106:32-48

39 They defiled themselves by their evil deeds,
and their love of idols was adultery in the LORD's sight

Has anyone noticed how God defines idolatry as adultery? I wonder why? Sleeping with someone other than your spouse, even having an emotional adulterous affair, must parallel worshiping “other” gods. How and why that is becomes our job to “seek,” “knock,” and “ask” by searching the scriptures and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 14:34-35

Speaking of kings, the thirty-fifth verse says a lot about how the King looks at us, His servants. I think I need to “desire” to please my King.

A king rejoices in servants who know what they are doing; he is angry with those who cause trouble.

Grace and peace,

I always am amazed at this section at how bad Israel wants a "king" like others. It's always keeping up with the "joneses". Not truly understanding that to be free and seek the Lord is such a higher honor than having a regalia of a king or kingdom and what will it cost them? Have they thought about it? They don't care. They worship that idea 💡.

Jesus trying to get the people to understand that He is the bread of life! Seek Him and you will never thirst and will be filled forever. They hear. They don't understand. They have ears but are deaf to the words Jesus is saying. He gave us ears and discernment for a reason but we have to crucify those carnal thoughts and strip down metaphorically before him and let his words meditate on the souls and hearts of his people to fully understand.

The worshipping of idols and adultery of the soul in Psalms. Matthew 6:33..needs to resonate..seek ye first the kingdom and all His glory and these things will be added unto you..( peace, hope, joy, protection, strength, Godly possessions, salvation!!)

The US was and is blessed but I believe that sin can hurt and destroy a nation..Is or was Israel blessed or did their sin curse them in misfortune..I believe both. God chooses Israel and does bless it inspire of not because of and that choices have consequences. Just like our children..out of love..there is discipline..the choice is ours..do we learn, turn, and obey and keep indulging for a reason, season, or lifetime? What is our path to look like? The choice is ours

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