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Samson was a man filled with passion yet he lacked restraint and he had no regard for anyone.He dumped his wife and burnt down fields when she wouldn't accept him.His love for women blinded him spiritually;Delilah turned him in 3 times and he didn't even question her motives for trying to find out his strength.In the temple he wanted revenge for his eyes,his prayers to me seem rather filled with vengeance other than repentance however his last request"let me die with them"got me thinking maybe he realised he was always going to fall into the same old traps and that maybe only in death could he glorify God.Only when we die to self can God be glorified.Samson in his death killed more enemies of God than when he was alive!So many times I try to understand the bible using my intelect and I fail to get it.I see my self arrive at wrong conclusions and assumptions then a thought came to me"my thoughts are not your thoughts"..I pray I not only read the bible for head knowledge but that I let the words of God go deep in my spirit and transform me...my prayer today is Lord teach me how to die because I really don't know how to live for you unless you teach me,I really don't know how to love you and others unless you show me...
God bless you all

I don't know if I am necessarily a schemer but I have diarrhea of the mouth and what doesn't need to be repeated does and for that I have got to do better. I have got to learn that I don't have to be the one that tells all and definitely when things run like wild fire..that's not good. So in turn that is my weakness..my crutch that I need to crucify and get healing daily.

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