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I just noticed a similarity of how David handled his enemies, those who came against him outside of a relationship with him and those David knew. I have been observing how if David knew the people who challenged him, he showed tremendous mercy and delayed judgment, if they had judgment at all. Yet, for those He knew not, judgment was usually swift. It just occurred to me that David, being a type of Christ, is doing what is afforded those who either have or don’t have a relationship with Christ. Whether or not we experience judgment with no mercy is based on our relationship with Christ. Of all the sins that we can commit, the one that is surly fatal, is our non-acceptance of Jesus Christ’s salvation.

I am not sure if even that can be or really is God judging us, as much as our seeing what God has to offer and rejecting that gift. Doing that puts the one who has rejected that gift on the judgment seat by their own volition. God does not send them to their death they take themselves. Hmmm! Must do some rethinking.


I loved seeing David back in Jerusalem! Hooray! That is a nice occurance. And to hear of Mephibosheth again, nice. He remembered the goodness of David. And Barzillai in the picture. David persevered through many trials and loss but he made it back. Isn't it nice for God's grace and fav9r over our lives.

Wow Joab and Amasa. Those two in Ch 20 , 2nd Samuel. It was still a war with the tribes. Benjaminites and the tribe of Judah. Joab was commander of Army and killed Absolom earlier and now Amasa..I guess when you are the king and he is your commander..he is a good protector however I am like Mike and Ramona, he is very ruthless and easy to shed blood. Yeah there needs to be a balance of love and justice..don't you 🤔think?

I can't believe not only the end of John but all 4 gospels. Wow! The book of John is phenomenal! Life changing..moving. and teaches so many life principles. How to be a leader, a follower, how to stay in your lane, how to be redeemed even when you fall and so much more. Love it

Psalm 120 I have brought more troubles than I can think of and I have questioned why things happen, I have cried..plus some. That is the worst when you feel others are out to get you. But you know when we don't get in a hurry and just let what ever happens..in God's hands..you know he does make it better. He fixes a broken heart. 💔

Yes Lord Proverbs 16

I think you were teaching me this summer..how much better to get wisdom than Riches, understanding than Gold. Amen!

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