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22 Samuel 22-23:23

Some times, I can mistake someone’s actions for what is truly going on inside their heart. After all didn’t Jesus say, “Out of the abundance/overflow of the heart the mouth speaks?” Yet David, who sinned, like me, who committed murder (I haven’t physically murdered anyone; however, I have participated in character assassinations) like me, is said, by God, to be a man after His own heart (1 Samuel 13:14). What made David different from his predecessor, Saul? Both were disobedient to the commands of God. With Saul it was all about him. Saul was a man concerned with how he appeared before man and not God. However, David was God focused even in the midst of his sin of murder, sin of adultery and his deceptions running from Saul, David took no credit for his victories and when he was brought to task regarding his adultery and murder, David made no excuses and sought no justification for his actions. David went to God because he knew that it was ultimately a sin against God.

Could it be that David was lax in disciplining his son Absalom for his murder and treasonous behavior because he himself knew firsthand the “mercy” of God on his own life? Mercy is ultimately not getting the punishment you deserve.


>>How do you trust in the Lord each day in your life? Meaning, how do you make sure you stay focused on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in your life every day? Is it through prayer, fasting, community, Bible study, etc.>>

I found that all of the things you have mentioned Mike are good, prayer, fasting, community, Bible study; however, the repetitiveness of any discipline may cause us to be dull to God over the long run. Dancers talk about “muscle memory” when learning or rehearsing a new piece. It is that thing that happens to the body that causes the muscles to expend less energy in doing the routine so that by learned behavior the body reacts to the movements instinctively so they don’t have to think about what to do they just do. The body takes on a mind of its own.

That same thing happens to me if I don’t change up my discipline or balance it out. We can become so focused on hearing the voice of God in our prayer time, in our fasting that the prayer and the fasting become more important then hearing the voice of God and so we miss His voice when He speaks to us in another setting. Worse yet we can hear God’s voice outside of our routine discipline and rebuke it, “‘Cause that’s not where God speaks to me.”

I wonder if we just give God permission to break into our lives, our prayer times our Bible Studies and we listen, truly listen will that help us to stay God centered instead of self-centered. By the way when reading through the Bible yearly, I change up on my translations, particularly trying to find one I’ve not used before. I try to change up on the routine(ness) of what I am doing.

Mike you’ve asked some tough questions today and they are not ones to take lightly.

I was thinking about prayer and discipline alot lately. Instead of blaming myself, I feel I blame others ..instead of like David taking it to God or knowing I sinned against God I get selfish or whiny. When is it my time? Why did this person act this way. Well they didn't do xyz..instead of my actions to be powerless to do anything or step up in faith. The kids yearly are given as a gift..it is my job to equip them and when I walk in the right precept, then God can work and show up and out beyond our wildest dreams. Just a little rambling..anyway that's my story.

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