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In your comment about Psalm 6, I'm regretful that it took me 60+ years to accept and trust that God KNEW the totality of my life even before I was born. This understanding comes with amazing freedom. When I mess up before God, it is no surprise to him and he loved/loves me anyway! The freedom is that I can live honestly and humbly before God, that he is ever guiding me through my falls and my victories to be what he wants me to be!

I love looking back in the geneology and some names resonating

Amram, Moses, Miriam. The Levites. And it mentioned tribe of Gad abd half tribe of Manasseh. Cool

Festus and Paul. He didn't believe or understood Paul and his conviction but Paul had enough conviction in Christ to believe and confess 😜 love it

Psalm 6. Saying it is a penitential Psalm. I love the Psalms where we get to cry out to God, our thoughts, fears and hopes. It's our plea to God.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue and we shall eat the fruit thereof..very powerful.

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